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wonderfl FAQ


Q. How can I use the trace in wonderfl?

A. Currently the trace function desn't work in wonderfl, however you can write one for yourself or use an already existing workaround.

Q. How can I set the framerate?

A. Add a line like this after the imports:


Q. I get the error message "A file found in a source-path can not have more than one externally visible definition" / How can I have more then one class in my source file?

A. Other classes than your Document class should be defined outside the the braces ({...}) of the package definition. You can find an example on judah's blog.

Q. How can I access the stage of object?

A. The stage object is accessible using the parent property of the document class or the stage property of any DisplayObject added to the display list.

Q. Who made wonderfl?

A. Bunch of awesome Japanese geeks. Actually KAYAC inc. You can find a better answer at the help section.

Unanswered questions

Q. How can I disable the Flash code editor and use just plain text?

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