JAM -HTML5 and Flah

Session5 Result Presentation

Theme:Redesign CBCNET front page by using the RSS feed.

★use following URLs for RSS feed and logo image
RSS: cbcnet_feed.xml
Logo(88px x 88px) :cbcnet_logo.gif

★The work will be rated by viewing in full screen mode.


The way of portal website has changed since social web has been the main stream in the internet. Looking forward to seeing a glimpse of the future of web portals and magazines.

※In the RSS feed below, there is title, date, category, tag, 1image, excerpt, of the 22 recent entries. The images size and text amount differs in every entry. Clean and neat design is not the only aspect of the contest.



Thank you for participating in this event.
For an abstract of the theme, you will have to work hard.
I am a little regret.
You might challenge again in a few years.

Yosuke Kurita(CBCNET)
Works in wide range, from web design, graphic, to CI/VI planning. Also produce a Japanese design portal web “CBCNET”, design conference “APMT”. With these projects we collaborate with designers and artist from around the world.

http://www.cbc-net.com/   http://www.grandbase.jp/


Sometimes internet surfing has to be chilly.


Not showing to much is the way we like it.

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