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How to avoid procedural tiling mipmapping seams in texture atlas in AGAL??? Calculate mipmapping manually in the pixel shader. This is currently an approximation. Any better way to go about this? I assume i'd need to blend the pixels between 2 mipmap levels, rather than flooring it, right?

This modified StandardMaterial fills a surface with varying square bitmap image tiles by looking up a texture from a regular texture atlas.

Selection of tile is based on a set of uploaded bitmaps containing the information on where to locate the tile in the atlas. The material also intends to support orthogonal rotation of tiles besides individual tile selection.

This material is mainly used for opaque tile-based terrain and floors with a variety of pre-built patterns.

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A working example of this shader that works with a single 2km x 2km LOD terrain can be found at https://github.com/Glidias/alternterrain/blob/master/src/examples/TestLODTerrainTileAtlas.as .

  • by Glidias
  • at 2013/03/12 11:50:29