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Monster Debugger Added

Added the open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR,
Monster Debugger: to our libraries.
It's licensed under the GPL license.

how to use:


Stardust 1.3.186, cjsignals 1.0.32 library updates

Library updates and new ones!

Stardust - AS3 particle engine

Some code using previous Stardust versions are broken, we're talking with the author if there's something we can do.

cjsignals - ActionScript 3.0 Observer Framework

Enjoy the latest and new libraries!

Alternativa3D updated to version: 7.6.0


Thanks to Alternativa3D team for the update and notice!

miniui and Ukiuki, new libraries

miniui is a minimal ui library.
see project home

and an minimal sample here:-)

miniui sample - wonderfl build flash online

Ukiuki is another Tween library.
Take a look at the documentation:
and an example:

Ukiuki sample - wonderfl build flash online


Away3D 3.6.0, jiglibFlash r192 library updates

Away3D - Realtime 3D engine for Flash is updated to version: 3.6.0

and jiglibflash - Flash 3D physics engine is updated to revision 192 in google code.

Enjoy the latest libraries!

Library updates and new ones!

Alternativa3D is now 7.5.1
Here's the list of features of Alternativa3D 7.5.1

minimalcomps is version 0.9.6
release notes in the author's blog: MinimalComps 0.9.6

as3swf is updated to the latest on github
read as3swf wiki for details,
and an example for what it can do here:

as3swf test - wonderfl build flash online

bezier, is a new comer, it's a library about:
Bezier and Line classes: intersections and other basic methods
version: r179 on google code


ps. thanks for the library update and addition requests!!

Flint Particle System, Union Reator Beta1

And more libraries!

Flint Particle System - Actionscript 3 Particle Engine for Flash and Flex
and for the code
and an example here:

Flint Particles 3D example - Fountain - wonderfl build flash online

Union Reactor - a development platform for creating multiuser applications
update to the newest version: Beta1
see Union Platform
and Union 1.0 Beta 1 Release Notes
Please recompile to connect to, we don't auto-recompile code on library updates ( for now ).


ASSURF, Progression4, Sion0.6.1, Thread

More libraries!

ASSURF - SURF feature extraction library in ActionScript for the Adobe Flash Platform
see ASSURF for details. MIT License.
Cool example? Somebody? Please!

Progression - less time, more time on creativity
updated to the newest 4.0.22
see for details. Progression License.

Thread - ActionScript Thread Library (Soumen)
updated to the newest rev.3371 at libspark
see thread for details. MIT License.

SiON - sound generation, processing and effect library
update to the newest version: 0.6.1
see SiON for details. MIT License.


more actions to notify you

Looks like more people started "talk"ing and having discussion about code in wonderfl. So we added more notifications when you post a "talk".

When you post a "talk" on code A,
  • you
  • code A's author
  • your followees
  • other people who posted "talk"s on code A
will get a notification in their "related actions" in their user pages.
Recommend you to subscribe to your "related actions" to get notified about all your related activities in wonderfl.

More triggers to get notifications are explained in the help - what's "related actions", "my actions" ?



今日、"talk"を投稿した際に"related actions"に通知する際の条件を追加しました。

  • あなた
  • コードAを投稿したユーザー
  • あなたをフォローしているユーザー
  • コードAに他に"talk"を投稿したユーザー
に、"related actions"で通知がいきます。
自分のユーザーページの"related actions"はRSSで購読して、wonderfl内のあなたに関する動きをチェック!

"related actions"に通知を受ける他の条件はヘルプ - related actions, my actionsって?を参照ください


more code description

We introduced code description last week, and noticed that having description is good. for many reasons.

For old codes, which are posted before we released the code description feature, we auto extracted comments before package definition as description.

We improved this auto-extraction logic to extract the document class comments which appear before the class definition, in addition to the already implemented package comments.

And, this auto-extraction will run for future codes too, only if you haven't set the description by yourself.
If you write the description by yourself, it'll stay there, but if you leave it blank, description will be auto-extracted from ActionScript3 comments.

So, it will look like this when you leave the description blank:


comments before the package definition, and the class definition will be shown under your code title.


先週、コードの description 「説明」機能をリリースしました。description機能は好評で、これを今回より強化しました。





WonderflUtils and wonderfl API

Not many of you might know, but wonderfl has APIs.
wonderfl API [wonderfl]

And there's an as3 wrapper library for it now.
WonderflUtils [github]

Thanks to bkzen for the contribution.
Go fork it on github and feel free to pull request or give us feedback.

Here's the test code for WonderflUtils
WonderflAPI Test [wonderfl]


More attractive thumbnails!

Thumbnails can be taken at any time!
The new capture button(camera icon) is placed below the preview SWF next to the reload button.
By pressing the button, thumbnail is captured immediately.

Now that you can take more aesthetic thumbanils to make your codes look more attractive!




let's write code description

From today, you're able to add a "description" for a code.

You might want to write:

  • some references, what inspired you to write it

  • how to interact with your Flash content

  • the core logic, any explanation about the code

  • any requests for other wonderfl users to fork and modify

  • what you think is cool about the code you wrote

  • .. or anything

HTML tags are not allowed but URLs will be auto-extracted as anchor tags.
We did some comment-parsing-and-extract-what-looks-like-description from past code, so some might already have description, but write it by yourself for future codes.





PushButton Engine Added

Added the open source game engine and framework,
PushButton Engine : to our libraries.
It's licensed under the MIT license.

Here is an example.

PushButton Engine demo - wonderfl build flash online

-- added 23/Aug/2010 17:10(JST)

More examples from Ben Garney posted on wonderfl:
you can test it is working by giving the SWF focus and hitting tilde to bring up the console. You can type help to see the list of commands.

PBE Minimal Application - wonderfl build flash online

The console looks like this:

see PushButton Engine forum for more information on trying PushButton Engine on wonderfl


signin using another OpenID or OAuth

Today, we released a feature which lets you use more than one OpenID or OAuth to signin as a single wonderfl user.

Until yesterday, if you signin using Google, signout, and signin using Twitter, you were a different wonderfl user.

But from today, you can use both Google and Twitter, and of course other authentication services listed up, to signin as the same "you".

If you already have posted codes, have favorites, or followers, all of them will transit to your first wonderfl user.

Visit and click on any authentication service and continue!

Useful when you're not sure about your brain memory!
Associate all authentication services and forget about which one to click.



wonderflはOpenID, OAuthを使ってログインが出来る仕組みになっており、それぞれのサービスでの認証情報が1つのwonderflユーザーアカウントと結びついていました(例えばGoogle OpenIDで認証してログインした場合とTwitter OAuthで認証してログインした場合は別のwonderflアカウントに)。


ログインした状態で にアクセスすると、プロフィール/編集設定の下にアカウント設定があります。


・今までGoogle OpenIDでログインしていたがFacebook OAuthでもログインしたい!
・基本的にTwitter OAuthでログインしたいけど念のため OpenIDでもログインできるようにしておきたい!
・ついGoogle, Yahooそれぞれ使って2つのアカウントを運用していたけど、この際だから1つのアカウントに統一したい!


LIVE coding Flash with CHAT feature

We added text chat feature in LIVE coding.

Ask questions while coding, chat about what you're going to create, maybe some kind of Flash e-learning?

Click on the LIVE button in the actionscript editor and try!




Flash Editor & Viewer updated

New editor & viewer now available!
Here is a short list of new features

* Displaying only visible buffers. (This is significant especially for viewing & editing long codes.)
* Substituting TextField with Flash Player 10's text rendering engine to deal with multibyte unicode characters.
* Compatible with Flash Player 10.1's IME(Input Method Editor) API. The inline IME is available on Windows machines.
* UI improvements.

--- About the code assistant feature

Now going to talk about the logic of filtering code completion candidates.
This would be helpful to make best use of the code assistant feature.
The following regular expression is used to filter candidates :

(new RegExp('^' + input.split('').join('.*'), 'i')).test(candidate);

If you type 'mvc', MovieClip will listed as candidates.
You can show code completion menu by pressing Ctrl + Space.
Typing Ctrl + Space after ade, addEventListener will be listed in the menu.
Ctrl + n & Ctrl + p is available besides up & down keys to select a candidate from the menu.
(This is not the case for the browsers like IE which do not send these key events to Flash Player.)
Esc key kills the menu.

--- Lists of new UI features

* Double click selects the word.
* Tripple click selects the line.
* Selecting line numbers selects the corresponding range in the text.
* Some key binds (

--- Experimental feature

Not well-tested but still effective.

* Goto the definition. (F4)
* Search word at cursor from buffer. (F3, Shift F3)

--- Source codes

The source codes of WonderflEditor & WonderflViewer are available under GPL license at github.(




* 見えているバッファのみの表示 (特に長いコードでの表示・編集で重要な機能です)
* ユニコードのマルチバイト文字(日本語等)を正しく扱うために、TextFieldをFlash Player 10のテキストレンダリングAPIで置き換えました。
* Flash Player 10.1のIME APIにも対応しました。Windows マシンではインラインのIMEを使うことができます。
* UIの向上



(new RegExp('^' + 入力.split('').join('.*'), 'i')).test(候補);

Ctrl + Spaceでコード補完のメニューを出すことができます。
adeのあとにCtrl + Spaceと打つと、addEventListener がメニューに挙がります。
メニューから候補を選択するには、上下キー以外にもCtrl + n, Ctrl + pが使えます。
(IEのようなこれらのキーイベントをFlash Playerに送らないようなブラウザでは使えません)


* ダブルクリックで単語選択
* トリプルクリックで行選択
* 行番号選択で対応行の選択
* いくつかのキーバインド (



* 定義へジャンプ (F4)
* カーソル位置にある単語の検索 (F3, Shift F3)



現在、Flashクリエイター専用の求人情報サイト「wonderfl Flash-Jobs」にて、スカウト機能を開発中です。(7月オープン予定)





KTween added, and Stardust updated

Another tween engine by !
see project page:
It's MIT licensed.

and a benchmark using Tweener[examples], BetweenAS3[examples], and KTween[examples]:

Stardust - AS3 particle engine updated to version: 1.1.148


share on Facebook and more

Fortunately there are many interesting/fun Flash in (thank you), waiting for you to share to the world.

Today we added a snippet from you too) and some tweak in our html, so you can share Flash in your favorite social networking service.

In Facebook, you'll see a nice thumbnail too.


Please share nice Flash in !