archive of November 2010

Away3D 3.6.0, jiglibFlash r192 library updates

Away3D - Realtime 3D engine for Flash is updated to version: 3.6.0

and jiglibflash - Flash 3D physics engine is updated to revision 192 in google code.

Enjoy the latest libraries!

Library updates and new ones!

Alternativa3D is now 7.5.1
Here's the list of features of Alternativa3D 7.5.1

minimalcomps is version 0.9.6
release notes in the author's blog: MinimalComps 0.9.6

as3swf is updated to the latest on github
read as3swf wiki for details,
and an example for what it can do here:

as3swf test - wonderfl build flash online

bezier, is a new comer, it's a library about:
Bezier and Line classes: intersections and other basic methods
version: r179 on google code


ps. thanks for the library update and addition requests!!