archive of October 2010

Flint Particle System, Union Reator Beta1

And more libraries!

Flint Particle System - Actionscript 3 Particle Engine for Flash and Flex
and for the code
and an example here:

Flint Particles 3D example - Fountain - wonderfl build flash online

Union Reactor - a development platform for creating multiuser applications
update to the newest version: Beta1
see Union Platform
and Union 1.0 Beta 1 Release Notes
Please recompile to connect to, we don't auto-recompile code on library updates ( for now ).


ASSURF, Progression4, Sion0.6.1, Thread

More libraries!

ASSURF - SURF feature extraction library in ActionScript for the Adobe Flash Platform
see ASSURF for details. MIT License.
Cool example? Somebody? Please!

Progression - less time, more time on creativity
updated to the newest 4.0.22
see for details. Progression License.

Thread - ActionScript Thread Library (Soumen)
updated to the newest rev.3371 at libspark
see thread for details. MIT License.

SiON - sound generation, processing and effect library
update to the newest version: 0.6.1
see SiON for details. MIT License.


more actions to notify you

Looks like more people started "talk"ing and having discussion about code in wonderfl. So we added more notifications when you post a "talk".

When you post a "talk" on code A,
  • you
  • code A's author
  • your followees
  • other people who posted "talk"s on code A
will get a notification in their "related actions" in their user pages.
Recommend you to subscribe to your "related actions" to get notified about all your related activities in wonderfl.

More triggers to get notifications are explained in the help - what's "related actions", "my actions" ?



今日、"talk"を投稿した際に"related actions"に通知する際の条件を追加しました。

  • あなた
  • コードAを投稿したユーザー
  • あなたをフォローしているユーザー
  • コードAに他に"talk"を投稿したユーザー
に、"related actions"で通知がいきます。
自分のユーザーページの"related actions"はRSSで購読して、wonderfl内のあなたに関する動きをチェック!

"related actions"に通知を受ける他の条件はヘルプ - related actions, my actionsって?を参照ください