more code description

We introduced code description last week, and noticed that having description is good. for many reasons.

For old codes, which are posted before we released the code description feature, we auto extracted comments before package definition as description.

We improved this auto-extraction logic to extract the document class comments which appear before the class definition, in addition to the already implemented package comments.

And, this auto-extraction will run for future codes too, only if you haven't set the description by yourself.
If you write the description by yourself, it'll stay there, but if you leave it blank, description will be auto-extracted from ActionScript3 comments.

So, it will look like this when you leave the description blank:


comments before the package definition, and the class definition will be shown under your code title.


先週、コードの description 「説明」機能をリリースしました。description機能は好評で、これを今回より強化しました。