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FIVe3D and JigLibFlash, SiON

added FIVe3D!
FIVe3D is a Flash Interactive Vector-based 3D library, MIT License.

and updated JigLibFlash, Flash 3D physics engine to r128.

see an example of both working together on Flash Player 10,

and also we updated SiON, the sound library to version 0.6.0.

see a cool synthesizer here:

Thank you for notifying us about new, cool libraries.

textanim and FontLoader

Daily new libraries!
We have 2 for today.

textanim is written by flupie, MIT licensed, it's A class for dynamic text animation in actionscript 3.
see website: , and example:

You need a embeded font to use this library, so we have some ready for you.
see example:

Loading fonts by hand is a pain, I googled many times to get really working examples (because wonderfl doesn't support embeding fonts, I couldn't search wonderfl for it... ),
so I set up a FontLoader class for easy font loading.
see: FontLoader , and for the source code of FontLoader. also MIT licensed.

But if you really want to do it by yourself, see a working example here:
loading fonts by hand

And Thank you very much for the free fonts.

updated at 15:05 JST, added example about Thread Step Processor


New libraries again!

Desuade Partigen, is A revolutionary ActionScript 3 particle effects engine and component for Flash
created by @desuade

see example:

Desuade Partigen includes Desuade Motion Package - A breakthrough AS3 library that combines keyframe-sequencing, physics, and tweening.

more will be posted by the author, I think.

and Union, the multiplayer framework is updated to Alpha 7.
see the Release Notes
examples using Union:

And if you've noticed, our code page URL is shorter!
Easy to tweet more about wonderfl?

One more, when you start live coding, @wonderfl_kayac , our official twitter account will automatically tweet your code url.
Show your tech!


And about Thread Step Processor written by @leichtgewicht, it's an add-on to the Thread library by @beinteractive, to extend multi threading based on pseudo threads.
see example:


FLARToolKit, Away3D and about GPL License

Today we added FLARToolKit and Away3D, Away3DLite to our supported libraries, also updated Papervision3D to version: 2.1.932 .

example for FLARToolKit: FLARToolKit SimpleCube sample

print this marker: and connect your webcam and try!

To make FLARToolkit work, you need 2 files.

1st is camera_para.dat, it's a camera calibration data ( I think, haven't fully read the source code yet ), and it's here:
You possibly won't have to change this one.

2nd is the AR marker pattern data, for the above example, it's here:

For you to create your own original marker, you need to create the marker pattern data for it.
We're thinking about developing a place to upload your own marker pattern data, but none exists for now. Upload it somewhere or embed it in your code. It's a simple text file.

The above example uses PV3DARApp class as it's base class, it's a simple wrapper to use Papervision3D with FLARToolKit. Source code included in the downloadable library, FLARToolKit asdoc here, and also pasted at the end of this post.

see FLARToolKit's license here:

So, it's GPL, and you know GPL has both freedom and restrictions.
We added some features to not worry about casual GPL violation.
see: for details.



FLARToolKit SimpleCube sample



1つ目は、camera_para.dat これはカメラのキャリブレーション用データで(たぶん)、こちらにあります:

2つ目は、flarlogo.pat これはマーカーのパターンデータです。上の例のパターンデータはこちらにあります:






PV3DARApp Class:
Licensed under GPLv3.

世界初!Flash on iPhoneの誕生です!


こちらはご存知のとおり、April Foolのうそでした! :-p

wonderfl on iPhone ??

Called my friend a week ago, "Hey Steve, Flash doesn't work on iPhone! Come on!"
We tried to figure a way out by ourselves, and something's done today!

Open this link in your iPhone Safari:

Have fun!

this was an April Fool joke :-p
what you saw on iPhone was powered by javascript.
By the way we're working on javascript-wonderfl, where you post and share javascript, so stay tuned!