archive of September 2009

Alternativa3D, Progression update and WonderflEditor

Alternativa3D is now version 5.6.0 !
Progression is now version 4 !

and the code editor in wonderfl is swf, and also opensource at Spark Project.

WonderflEditor has few features for now..
* keywords hilighter
* follow resize event

But it's Actionscript3 and you guys are good at it!
Feel free to create a branch in the subversion repository,
contact us if you've added something cool,
we'll deploy it to so that everybody can use the feature.


WonderflEditorのコードはSpark Projectで公開されています。

* キーワードのカラーリング
* リサイズ対応

talk at Adobe MAX NA 2009!

I'm going to Adobe MAX NA 2009!

to give a talk about
wonderfl build flash online, the browser-based Actionscript IDE and community

at the FITC Unconference room

Wednesday October 7, 10:30 - 11:00

might be hard to wake up to attend a 10:30 session if you're having beer whole night long,
but FITC Unconference room has a FREE BEER for you,
so why not have one in the morning?

stardust particle library is in

library updates and checkmate vol.3!

library updated today
* SION sound library
 version: 0.5.6 to 0.5.7

* UNION multiuser application platform
 version: alpha3 to alpha4
 see release notes at:

And checkmate event vol.3 has started!