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fullscreen, uploading an image, and beautifl

Hi, I'll introduce 2 new features in wonderfl, and 1 cool fan site of wonderfl

  • fullscreen mode

    There's a button at bottom-right of the generated swf:

    click on it and see the swf fullscreen. It's not like youtube, fullscreen is inside your browser area 100%, so you can get user interactions.

  • upload an image and load it in your swf

    There's a text link +more where you edit code-title and tags, click on it and upload images. You can use those uploaded images from your code like this: upload image and load it

  • a cool new fan site of wonderfl nice gallery of codes from wonderfl, run by clockmaker THANKS!

SiON sound library is in.

Hi, another new library for you.

SiON, a sound library featuring...

  • PSG, FM, WaveTable?, PCM and pyhisical modeling sound module emulations
  • MML (Music Macro Language) compiler and sequencer
  • Sound effectors
see: SiON example


public var driver:SiONDriver = new SiONDriver();"t100 l8 [ccggaag4 ffeeddc4 | [ggffeed4]2 ]2");

and you'll hear the MML sound!


thanks to keim_at_Si

added some libraries, and checkmate vol.2 started!

wow, it's been a while to write here.

I've added some libraries for you to use inside wonderfl.

FlashCamo, a graphics framework for skin layout from pngs, jpgs or gifs.

a demo: Camo Expanding Containers Demo

Features: - Using CSS to configure properties on a class instance - Camo's BoxModel - Simple masking of the BoxModel - Loading in and displaying images in a CamoDisplay - Animating a CamoDisplay to slide open - A simple way of tweening objects on each side like an accordion.

Minimal ActionScript 3.0 code only UI components

minimalcomps example

Union Platform, a development platform for creating multiuser applications

see and challenge Colin Moock!