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update in code license

I got some feedback after the code license feature released, thank you,
and changed it a little bit today.

When you fork other users code, the license of the new code will be the forked-parent-code's license.
You can't change your code's license after fork.
We think it's important not to violate somebody's license easily, than have convenience of changing license easily.




Fastest Actionscript/Flex Search

I was playing with Flex document today, and inspired by CPAN Fastest Search by
and made this.

Fastest Actionscript/Flex Search

A MUST for firefox users.

type: "fl.d.g.b" and see what happens.

- up/down key to move, Enter to open, mouseclick to open
-- opens wonderfl search by default ( Enter key, mouse click )
-- Ctrl+L jumps to livedocs
-- Ctrl+W jumps to wonderfl
-- click on "open in wonderfl livedocs" to select destination
- input regexp as string to search
-- ex: input \d\d to search for numbers in package/class/keywords
- type less
-- ex: input f.d.g.b to get to flash.display.Graphics.beginBitmapFill
- uncheck checkbox to restrict results


Flex documentと今日戯れていたら、CPAN最速検索[記事][本体]にinspireされて、つくっちゃいました。

Fastest Actionscript/Flex Search

- 上下で選択、エンターで開く、マウスクリックでも開く
-- 開くのは、デフォルトでwonderfl検索(エンターキー、マウスクリック)
-- Ctrl+L でlivedocsへ飛ぶ
-- Ctrl+W でwonderfl検索へ飛ぶ
-- "open in wonderfl livedocs" をクリックすれば飛び先を選べる
- 正規表現がおかしくなければ、そのまま使えます。
-- 例えば \d\d で数字が入っているキーワードが検索されます。
- 全部タイプしなくてもOK。
-- 例: f.d.g.b → flash.display.Graphics.beginBitmapFill
- チェックボックスのチェックを外して検索結果を限定


code license

I added a place in the code page to show the license for your code.

All existing code license are set to "All rights reserved" by default, because I think not mentioning about the license means "All rights reserved".
Of course you're free to change it.

The license for your future code is set to "MIT License" by default, because I think the majority of wonderfl community believes in open source.
Change it from your account page.

For further information, see: About license

I'm not a license professional, if you have any suggestions, please contact me.

capture image fixed

We were seeing blank white or black captures often for a while,
the reason was that wonderfl is using an external web-site capture service,
and it only supports Flash Player 9!

They say that FP10 for linux is not stable sometimes, and that might be true, so I came up with an idea, "why not we generate the capture by ourselves?".

From today, ( by the way it's my birthday :-) )
I'm inserting a small piece of code into your code, for you to take captures.
Code insert is done serverside, automatically, so you don't have to do anything.

little more information here.
About capture images

BetweenAS3, jiglibflash and more

Did you see our presentation at FITC Toronto?

In Cool Japanese Flash Side B,
Yoshihiro (BeInteractive!) Shindoh introduced(link to slides) Spark project and his new tweening library, BetweenAS3.
He said it's the fastest tween library ever, let's see...

Now try it on wonderfl build flash online!

sample: BetweenAS3 sample

A performance comparison will be soon posted by the author :-)
BetweenAS3 is released under MIT license.

And another cool library, jiglibflash is in.
sample: jiglibflash sample
jiglibflash is released under MIT license.

And some updates to other libraries.
Frocessing, ver0.5.6
Stats, ver2.1
Papervision3D, ver 2.0.883

Protect SWF files from Flash decompilers

Dear Flash users,

Do you use Flash in business?
There are many Flash decompilers out there.
If you want to avoid others to decompile your swf, try "secureSWF".

secureSWF is the most sophisticated ActionScript obfuscation, code protection, and SWF encryption solution for Adobe's Flash and Flex.

It provides state-of-the-art techniques to stop Flash decompilers, prevent illegal copying and redistribution, and help you increase your Flash application's security.

secureSWF is a product of wonderfl's sponsor, Kindisoft,
and we have a discount for wonderfl users.

Coupon Code: SS-WM64-WFL-10
Use this coupon code to get 10% discount.
Learn more about secureSWF



secureSWFは、Adobe FlashとFlexのための、最も洗練されたActionscriptの難読化、コード保護、swfファイルの暗号化ソリューションです。 secureSWFは、Flashデコンパイラを止めるための最新の技術を備え、不法なコピーや再配布を防止し、Flashアプリケーションのセキュリティを確保する手助けをします。


Coupon Code: SS-WM64-WFL-10
Learn more about secureSWF