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Flash,Actionscript Q&A




質問方法: question タグをつけてコードを書き、コードのタイトルとコメントに質問内容を書く
→ 詳しくは 質問&回答(Q&A)機能の質問方法について

回答方法: 質問となるコードをforkしてコードを修正する
→ 詳しくは 質問&回答(Q&A)機能の回答方法について

質問の終了方法: question タグを question-closed タグに変更
→ 詳しくは 質問&回答(Q&A)機能の質問の終了方法について


Flash,Actionscript Q&A feature released!

When you have something you want to do with Flash and Actionscript but you don't know the way to code it,
it's better not to ask for everything, but you'd better go as far as you can and at last, ask somebody for only the rest.
You can do this with wonderfl.

Use wonderfl, to ask questions about your code, and answer others questions.

How to ask: write code, explain your question in the title and comments, and tag it "question"
-> more info about: How to 'ask a question' in Q&A feature

How to answer: fork the question code and modify it
-> more info about: How to answer a question in Q&A feature

How to close question: change "question" tag into "question-closed"
-> more info about: How to close a question in Q&A feature

* It doesn't have to be exactly a Question and Answer, can be a Topic or a Contest which uses wonderfl's fork feature to gather codes.
* for example: "Use this template and write something cool with less than 140 characters!"


Box2D supported

We have Box2D version: 2.0.2
Check it out.

Box2D test




When you write code in wonderfl, compiled swf file is placed under .

This crossdomain.xml allows you to load your swf from "*" which means anywhere.


Alternativa3D supported

Alternativa3D supported.

Fast, isn't it?

Check the license to use Alternativa3D,
They have a line: " If you're using Alternativa3D for free, it is nececcary to put our logo inside your project. "
but ONLY while using Alternativa3D in wonderfl, it's not necessary to show their logo.





added as3ds support

don't know much about as3ds, but it's fun watching people writing games on wonderfl.

not a good example, but an evidence for you.

going to San Fransisco, Silicon Valley

I'm going to San Fransisco, Silicon Valley 3/19 - 25.
Going to visit cool companies around, and probably attending Flash Gaming Summit.

I think I can make time to meet cool developers like you too.

Someone interested in something like:
* direct feature request for wonderfl
* have dreams of opensource Flash
* Japanese IT company, developers
or anything else.

contact me through:

Sandy 3d engine supported

Sandy 3d engine, version 3.1 is now added to wonderfl's supported libraries.

enjoy !

Somebody please write a cool sample for Sandy, I'll link to your code from here.