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Introduction:Subject Anybody with an internet connection can become a flash creator wonderfl buid Flash online

wonderfl build flash online” is a online Flash IDE and community. The 3 major features are:

“Build from scratch”, starting to write Action Script3.
“Fork” to copy and edit ActionScript created by other users.
“Download” computer to save ActionScript of your choice to your computer.


Build from scratch ~Flashをつくろう~

  • To create a new Flash using wonderfl, click the “build from scratch” button on top of the page. Then you’ll see a place to enter Actionscript on the left, and a preview area of the Flash created on your right.
  • Directly type Actionscript into wonderfl with your browser.
  • ActionScript gets saved automatically, and you’ll see it moving on the right screen.

    Build from scratch

    Click here if you want to make a Flash using wonderfl.
1.Click this button on the top left! 2.Enter ActionScript on the left, then hit save on bottom of the screen. 3.You’ll see your Flash on your right!


Build from scrachとDownload そしてFork機能~Action Scriptの知識と技術の提供~

ActionScript posted to wonderfl is open source. Every ActionScript comes with a Download and Fork feature.

If an ActionScript catches your eye on wonderfl, *Fork it first. If you edit some parts, you’ll notice the Flash contents will change its movements, and if you delete some parts, you’ll notice the Flash contents lose some of their function. Repeat this to get a better understanding of ActionScript.

On wonderfl, users can collaborate their individual works to make something that couldn’t have been made by one person.

*Fork ・・・・Copy the original program and add features or fix bugs.

The FORK function

Using minimum dot pattern...

Making "the space invaders". They will act when you move a mouse.

Or creating a 3D city made of black and white dots.



Flash creators from all over the world come together at wonderfl. If there is anything you don’t understand with ActionScript, use the Q&A. Your question will be answered in no time.


Click here if you want to make a Flash using wonderfl.

How to ask a question.

  • Write code in wonderfl, and add a “question” tag.
  • Use the code title and comment boxes to make your question clear and easy to understand.

Take the above procedures mark a code as a question.
*A question is simply a code with a question tag.
*If the code has a question tag, it will appear in the Q&A page.

How to finish your question

  • If you get a response you’re looking for, change the “question” tag to “question-closed” to close the question.
  • Show your appreciation to the person who answered!

Take the above procedures to finish/close a question.

How to answer

  • Go tothe list of questions, then go to the code page and look at the question posted.
  • Click the fork button from the code page and type in a code that the questioner could not figure out.

Fork the question code to answer it. *Answering a question simply means “fork”ing a code.


From non-creator to creator. ~Approaching Flash games~

wonderfl runs a service called “wonderfl flash-games” where the user can create, play, and edit their original games using wonderfl’s many features. This opens a new route for those not interested in Flash, but are interested in video games. By taking this approach, they will most likely find Flash production to be interesting.


Click here if you want to make a flash with wonderfl.


Flash around the world.

Flash creators from America, France, England, China, and all over the world visit "wonderfl" and show with their programming skills.

At this point (2010, March), there have been 70,000 (seventy thousand) codes posted. 100,000 unique users visit wonderfl every month. You can call “wonderfl” the encyclopedia World Flash.

wonderfl has a ranking system to rank the ActionScripts collected from around the world. On the top page, you can see the most popular code of that day. Enjoy the World Flash Show Case.


6. Official wonderfl events.

wonderfl runs official ActionScript cording contests.On the right, you’ll see a computer of the contest “CHECKMATE”.

Famous Flash creators present a topic and the users compete to post the most appropriate program for that topic.

The “CHECKMATE” event is over, but all the topic and codes can be accessed, so take a look!

*”CHECKMATE” is a joint project with Adobe Systems Incorporated.


Click here if you want to make flash with wonderfl.


7. To the platform of Flash creation ~Cooperating with Physical Computing~

Operating as a platform for Flash creation, wonderfl is preparing numerous events and collaborations.

"wonderfl" is collaborationing with Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi of IAMAS about physical computing. Physical computing is a field of study where instead of using standard attachments to computers, (keyboard, mouse), we directly use various sensors and derices to physically interact with computers.

Creating something out of scratch using hardware may seem too difficult for those without experience. However with this collaboration, wonderfl will be able to provide an environment where the user can easily start to try physical computing with an opportunity to learn more from other users.

We hope to expand our horizons to fields such as media art in the future.


click here if you want to make flash with wonderfl.

Cooperation Physical Computing.


System Requirements.


■windows XP、vista、windows7
・InternetExplorer 7/8
・Firefox 3.5 and up

■Mac OS 10.4 and up, 10.5 and up
Safari 4.0 and up
Firefox 3.5 and up

Adobe Flash Version 10 and up (We recommend the newest version.)

wonderfl build flash online is developed and operated by KAYAC Inc., by the following members.